Impacts of online gaming in the recent times

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In the recent days there are great demands for online games and it has become very popular.  A survey says that around 25% of people are playing online games daily. In that most of the people are kids and teenagers. But among the parents it’s still a scary thing because they are afraid whether it would affect them in any way or lead to any unwanted problems. As everything has both positive and negative aspects like a coin has always two sides, even playing games online has both positive and negative impacts on the society. A large number of gaming sites nowadays are focusing on giving work to the brain and solving puzzles. These types of games are becoming popular among kids since it is not like boring math problems.

Today online games are very advanced. 3D animations and sound effects that are used in the games make all kinds of people get attracted. Playing game in a single player mode in video games is different from that of online games. In this the opponent player would be the system and you need to win it. But playing games online you get chance to play with a person from anywhere and get a chance to meet the experts in that game. Sometimes ranks are given to the players who win and this would be an encouraging factor to the players. Online gaming has become so popular that annual tournaments are conducted worldwide.

Benefits of online gaming

Online game has offered many benefits for the gamers because previously many people were not able to buy the gaming equipments or cassettes available for it. Since now online games are available at free of cost, they can use it and enjoy. Online gaming is also a leisure activity for many persons. They play games in their free time and spend the time. Since these games are very interactive, it relieves us from stress and anxiety, making us relieved from all our tension. Some online games offer its winners with many prizes and rewards. They also offer cash prizes for the winners. This would earn income for some people. Most online games focus on creating a positive impact and tend to be useful for younger generation.

Drawbacks of online gaming

The major disadvantage of playing games online is that the problem of addiction. Many teenagers have been addicted to online games that have spoilt their life. Because of this their studies, proper sleep and taking rest everything has been affected very badly. This has brought worries among parents. If a person is continuously playing games, it would affect their health in a bad way. Eyesight gets worse and the body muscles get affected due to spending more time in computer. Since online games are available for all at their comfort zone sitting at their home, they don’t tend to go out for relaxation or other activities. Due to this mind gets stressed by sitting in the same place and not exposing themselves to the outside environment.

Playing games online has both positive and negative impact on us. So it is our duty to use it in a right way by not spoiling our mind and health.